Feminism and Women


Day 4: 4th April 2015 NAPOWRIMO   FEMME FATALE     Those Kohl lines eyes, could kill with just a glance The long velvety back hair, capable of ensnaring souls Half parted red lips, flashing a mocking smile It was enough for anyone to die for, Some called her slut, some called her whore.   […]

The Mutilated Goddess

Once there was a great temple, built around me Men prayed, asked for wishes to be fulfilled Flowers, fruits, incense, candles They showered me with things they thought would please me Selfish, greedy, silly men. Can you really buy a Goddess? Can you really give her anything with your sick souls? How can I grant […]

Smelling the fire within

I stand at my kitchen counter Slicing onions finely I run across the dessert My hair flying madly I wash the clothes that Have been piling up Run run run, like the wind And I never stop I iron all the clothes Left in the laundry I can smell the fire Burning up my inside […]

Since I am a Woman

Since I am a woman, I am expected to keep the house clean, cook three meals a day, and take care of everyone. Seriously, I don’t mind. I can do all that if I feel that I love doing it. This is where it all goes wrong. If I loved doing something else apart from […]

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