The Mutilated Goddess

Once there was a great temple, built around me

Men prayed, asked for wishes to be fulfilled

Flowers, fruits, incense, candles

They showered me with things they thought would please me

Selfish, greedy, silly men.

Can you really buy a Goddess?

Can you really give her anything with your sick souls?

How can I grant them happiness?

When those hands folded in prayer

Goes home and hits his wife

Those eyes which were closed in devotion

Devours the bodies of women he sees.

The heart which asks for love, holds none for his mother.

How can I bless him?

When his black heart is full of his own selfish needs?

They realised, I was of no use.

I would never grant them any wish.

They stopped coming to my temple, abandoning me.

Mutilated my divine face

Now I live in peace in my ruined state, within the branches and leaves

No one comes to ask for anymore.

Men, silly men, wherever you go

Whatever you wish

It will never be fulfilled

Once you have hurt a Goddess

You will never rest in peace.



4 comments on “The Mutilated Goddess

  1. Reblogged this on Book of Sacred Metaphysics and commented:
    So so true..

  2. Congrats for sharing my thoughts on our prayers to stone and violent to living creatures!

  3. Such a deep, raw bruise talked about with a poignant, potent image of a mutilated goddess! The metaphor, the treatment of the poem, the message of the poem, each and every aspect is flawless and powerful.

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