Since I am a Woman


Since I am a woman, I am expected to keep the house clean, cook three meals a day, and take care of everyone. Seriously, I don’t mind. I can do all that if I feel that I love doing it. This is where it all goes wrong. If I loved doing something else apart from the above mentioned three I would surely be termed as a ‘Careergirl’. I don’t see any man being termed as ‘Careerman’ if he chooses to do neither of the above three and just go to ‘work’. I also have a huge problem with the phrase ‘going to work’…. what the hell am I doing back home ‘Playing’??? I am also at work, common, if you think cleaning a house is not work, then you should try it once.

Also another thing bugs me a lot, when people tell me that “You have a degree yet you are just a housewife, your husband must be very conservative not letting you work.” They find it so difficult to believe it was my choice to stay back home and ‘be a housewife’, and not my husband’s decision. I have thought of replying back, “You have a brain, yet you are such a moron”…. But I guess that would be too rude, and no one likes a rude lady!!! Right. (p.s. for those who didn’t get it, I was being sarcastic). LOL

Now that today is women’s day and all, I would also like to ask why do we women have only one day, what happened to the rest of the 364 days? Do they belong to men?? But I guess there is nothing wrong in celebrating being a woman.

It’s too early in the morning and my brain is already filled with high amounts of caffeine, so maybe it’s all a bit of a blabber, and not making much sense. But to sum up, all I have to say is being a woman is the nicest, easiest, wonderful thing to be. We don’t need branding, we are just happy being a woman. Respect that, love that, understand that…. and we will do the same for you too.


4 comments on “Since I am a Woman

  1. I echo your feelings. There is not and should never be a standard to which all women have to adhere. If a girl wants to have a ‘career’, she should be allowed. However, if a girl finds purpose in her life by raising a family then she shouldn’t be looked down upon either. Unfortunately the idea of the ‘modern’ Indian woman is very wannabe!

  2. I wud disagree on two points:
    1.its nt the easiest thing being a woman.i hav a mother,a sister & a girlfriend so i know…
    2.at least u hav 1 day named “women’s day”,Ever heard of a day called the men’s day??then how can u say that the other 364 days belong to men??
    & jst 1 ques:do u actually like doing all the household work??coz i sure don’t.xcept cooking 🙂

    • Swagato… I think it’s quite evident that reservations are given only to minorities, by giving a DAY it is almost like putting Women in the minorities section. And Truly speaking I don’t enjoy all the household work, but no one likes every part of their job, do they? 🙂

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