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The Rain and Me

The rain fell drenching all my desires With a fire so bright, with an ice so bold The rain fell on to my palms Rewriting my fate lines The rain fell over my eyes Washing away my sleepless nights The rain fell on me, my soul A rain so deep, so true and untold.   […]

All Things Simple

Originally posted on Ultra Protagonist's World:
What I write is what I mean There is nothing unseen Don’t plough your brains my friends There are no literary bends. Read for pleasure or read to smile Too much digging can ruin your style Enjoy, your music, enjoy your book There’s nothing in there to cook.…

Jayati – Happy Birthday Dear….

    1996 was the year when I had met Jayati, I was a new student and she was already studying at the school. I don’t think it was friendship at first sight!!! Neither did we get on like ‘house on fire’.  But as the days rolled on, something brought us together. You cannot imagine […]

The Spirit of Brinda Tiwari

On my last visit to Barrackpore, my father took me to this Ashram. I was little amazed, as my father is an atheist so the ashram, the visit, my father didn’t match up. I knew he would tell me soon why we were there at Brinda Baba’s Ashram. This little place is located in the […]

Silent Spider Silk

Writing on and off, and living life in the spaces in between.

Sweta Paul Vs The World

This world terrifies me. And at times, I break out in emotion, sarcasm and lame humour.


The Fantastic and Mundane Chronicles of an Aspiring Writer


Author of the 'Lauren's Story' about a teenage runaway who ends up sleeping rough.

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Author Site for Damyanti Biswas


This is the site about life, people, highs, lows and all those blows.


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Imagination is the fire of life...

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I have people to kill, lives to ruin, plagues to bring, and worlds to destroy. I am not the Angel of Death. I'm a fiction writer.

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Literary Analysis derived from an Analytical Chemist

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Where Writer Gal talks about books, movies, hot men, TV shows, random poetry and why she cannot absolutely go on hikes longer than three kilometers.