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The Mutilated Goddess

Once there was a great temple, built around me Men prayed, asked for wishes to be fulfilled Flowers, fruits, incense, candles They showered me with things they thought would please me Selfish, greedy, silly men. Can you really buy a Goddess? Can you really give her anything with your sick souls? How can I grant […]

The Morning Coffee

Originally posted on Ultra Protagonist's World:
  You remember, when we were new The morning Coffee tasted so good. Our eyes use to meet, smiles carving our lips Hot steaming coffee in our hands, we would sit for ages Drinking, talking sharing, loving each other, every moment You remember?   The long walks, the…

Conversation with my 2 year old daughter ‘Raya’

Me: Drink your milk Raya: No Me: Drink your milk now… Raya: Where’s the rabbit? Me: Raya don’t test my patience, drink. Now. Raya: The blue colour went to play with the umbrella. Me: Huh… what? Raya: The umbrella is with the rabbit. By this point am too confused to say anything. Raya smiles broadly […]


I drum my fingers impatiently on the table I have to leave I’ll wait for you to go out, I’ll wait for your absence I have a choice, I have to leave. You have taken a lot from me Hope, happiness, confidence, future Now it is my turn, to give you back Anger, agony, despair. […]

Raya, My Life, My Daughter

I woke up and saw your face, Glowing and happy while you are still dreaming. Your peaceful sleep, your even breath Gave me strength, to love. Your tiny hands wrapped around my finger Gave me power, to protect. Raya, my daughter, I could live forever for you Raya, my daughter, I could die for you […]

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