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Mirror mirror on the wall…


Day 20: 20th April 2015 NAPOWRIMO


(Poem 20)

Mirror mirror on the wall…


Vain glory, beauty faded

I look at my reflection.

Lines and spots mark my face

As if they bear the signs of

My experiences.

The bittersweet days of youth

Now gone

I run my fingers through a particular favourite wrinkle

Just above my eyebrow

Marking my forehead

With pride

I now run my fingers down on my lips

Old and dry.

I keep looking at myself

Sad at my own withering, I whisper,

Mirror mirror on the wall…

‘You are the fairest of all’

At the sudden response, I

Look around scared

Only to see my husband

Standing at the door, smiling.

He says, ‘For me

You are always the fairest of all.’


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