Busy people…. who can’t even spare 30 seconds.

As I was returning after dropping my daughter at her play group, I spotted a grandfather/granddaughter duo trying to cross the road. The grandfather had his right hand tightly clasped onto her tiny hand, with the other free hand he was waving frantically to the traffic to stop and let them cross. It was not a major road or junction thus they didn’t have any traffic lights, or traffic police or even a zebra crossing like many such roads across our country. So I decided to be a good samaritan, hoping to help them.

On an impulse, I stopped my car midway blocking the few cars that were behind me; The bikes still managed to get past, but it was enough for the grandfather to take his granddaughter safely across the road.

I was amazed at how people, who were caught behind my car, reacted. People started honking vigorously, some screamed abuses about how women should never drive cars and many such indecent things. Although, the smile and the wave from the grandfather/granddaughter duo made my day.

It had probably taken them 30 seconds to cross the road, and we were back again to normal, driving away to our own destinations. It seemed funny that to these people caught behind me in a traffic even a 30 second delay seemed like an end of the world to them, but they fail to notice that people around them may need help.

To sum up in a very clichéd manner I can only say:
Stopping mid traffic to let a grandfather and granddaughter cross;
Honks: Thousands
Abuses: A few
The smile on the face of the grandfather and granddaughter: Priceless…. 🙂


2 comments on “Busy people…. who can’t even spare 30 seconds.

  1. Loved this little reflective piece…speaks of the essential humanity which is gradually being wiped out from our earthly lives. Little steps like this ensure us that all is not lost in this frenzied, senseless world! Kudos 🙂

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