10 things that shows – you have a writer’s block

  1. No amount of tea/coffee can inspire your writing.
  2. You end up dancing/crying/swaying from one end to other when you play your muse songs.
  3. You read the old books in search of ideas
  4. Amount of time spent on Facebook/ Twitter/ other social networking sites increases.
  5. You keep telling yourself you need a break/ a vacation/ a trip to the grocers.
  6. You blame your lack of writing on your child/dog/cat/neighbour/ the new sweet shop around the corner/aliens/ anyone you can think of
  7. The first line of your story starts with ‘once upon a time…’
  8. While you are hoping to write you discover the ways to achieve world peace.
  9. Every time you try and write, you think, starfish/ rickshaws/ tulips/ fruit juice/ damn/ arghhhh….
  10. Ahhh…. can’t think of the tenth one….. writer’s block.

2 comments on “10 things that shows – you have a writer’s block

  1. So very true and resonates so well with me, especially no. 3, 4, 6! I am amazed at your analysis and the way you joke about it categorically 🙂 speaks a lot about our (writers’) impulses!

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